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An Amazon Adventure--
Poison Arrow Frogs

What is small, beautiful, and deadly and only found in a rain forest? Poison arrow frogs are interesting and important amphibians of the Amazon rain forest. The scientific classification, description, diet, and poisonous effects of poison arrow frogs will be explored.

Poison arrow frogs are referred to a copious amount of names. For instance, poison arrow frogs are also known as the poisonous-dart frogs, frogs of the dendrobates, dart-poison frog, dart frogs, and dendrobatid frogs. Even though they are called many different names, they all belong to the family dendrobatidae. In this family dendrobatidae, the genus group is the most popular. To sum up, poison arrow frogs are referred to a wide variety of names.

The description of the poison arrow frog is quite complicated. The color of the frog ranges from red, green, blue, and yelllow. Even though they are small sized frogs, their bright color embellishes the Amazon rain forest. On occasion, one will find a poison arrow frog that is black with pale strips. All in all, the beautiful color of the poison arrow frog makes them unique.

Throughout the rain forest, there are some insects for which the poison arrow frogs feed upon. Devouring termites and ants, delights poison arrow frogs. Because poison arrow frogs need more moisture than regular frogs, they live in rain forests; therefore, poison arrow frogs eat a variety of insects and live in the Amazon rain forest for the excess moisture.

While the colorful skin of the poison arrow frog may appear to be beautiful, it is also deadly. Their skin emits a deadly poison that can cause paralyses or even death to humans, but provides protection from harmful predators. The kinds of poison arrow frogs that are threatening to humans are Phyllobates aurotaenia, Phyllobates bicolor, and Phyllobates terribilis. Emitting the most toxin, Phyllobates terribilis is deadly when touched. Although the poison arrow frog's poisonous skin provides protection from predators, it is very harmful to humans.

In conclusion, poison arrow frogs that live in the Amazon rain forest are very beautiful, but dangerous. Everyone should understand poison arrow frogs and know they are deadly and harmful. When in the Amazon rain forest and happen to stumble upon a poison arrow frog, admire the beautiful little creature, but never approach it.